In recent months we have seen significant amounts of fire behaviour across the landscape and as a result we would like to shine a light on the interactions of emergency services with the Golden Plains Wind Farm. As part of the development of a wind farm we are required to create an Emergency Management Plan which must be developed in consultation with and approved by CFA (Country Fire Authority) & Ambulance Victoria. This plan includes information relating to site access & infrastructure maps, aerial support information and water refill locations across the proposed development.

The construction of a wind farm also provides benefits such as the installation of several new firefighting water storage tanks spread around the project. The construction of new tracks and upgrades to existing roads will assist crews to access the fire ground in the event of a fire within the wind farm. These tracks can also be used as fire breaks to contain a fire if it breaks out.

As a developer, West Wind have implemented a No Work policy for days that are declared a ‘Total Fire Ban’ and we also have procedures which restrict the works allowed on days of significant fire danger. By implementing these types of policies & procedures we are working to reduce the likelihood of a fire caused by windfarm activities throughout the development and construction phases of the project.

This work is also supplemented by community engagement with the local CFA Volunteers, Ambulance Victoria and Community Emergency Response Team volunteers from the area which will be undertaken prior to construction commencing on the Golden Plains Wind Farm. Our priority is to ensure that the local community volunteers and emergency services are equipped with the most accurate information available to ensure they can effectively perform their duties.