Golden Plains Wind Farm - Victoria, Australia.

About the Project

The Golden Plains Wind Farm is a state-significant project that will be Australia’s largest wind farm to date and power more than 765,000 homes. This $3 billion plus project is a landmark clean energy project for Victoria and Australia.

Golden Plains Wind Farm – East commenced construction in Q1 2023 and will feature 122 turbines and is currently owned by Ingka Group and TagEnergy.

Golden Plains Wind Farm – West of the project is owned by WestWind Energy and is expected to commence construction in 2024.

Contributing to a greener Victoria

With an installed capacity of more than 1,330 MW, the Golden Plains Wind Farm’s turbines will be capable of producing more than 4,000 GWh of green energy annually. This sustainable energy will provide enough power for more than 765,000 homes – the equivalent of every home in regional Victoria. The Golden Plains Wind Farm will prevent more than 4.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from being emitted to the atmosphere annually – equivalent to 3% of Victoria’s total greenhouse emissions.

A landmark clean energy project 

The  Golden Plains Wind Farm has planning approval for up to 228 turbines, with a current design comprising 215 turbines across 16,739 ha. Rapid advances in turbine technology will see the latest generation of 165 m rotors generate approximately 10-14% more electricity without exceeding a 230 m total tip height. The project will also feature a 300 MW battery storage facility that will add flexibility and stability to the grid.

A state-significant development creating jobs for Victoria 

An estimated 700 jobs will be created and maintained as part of the two-staged construction of the Golden Plains Wind Farm. Upon completion, 70 direct operational jobs are expected to be created ongoing. Golden Plains Wind Farm is committed to supporting our regional community and using our buying power to generate social value above and beyond the value of the goods, services or construction being procured.

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Eastern Stage

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Western Stage

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Project Background

The Golden Plains Wind Farm project involves the establishment of a wind energy facility including wind turbines and associated electrical infrastructure on 16,739 ha to the west, south and south-west of Rokewood, a small rural town in the Golden Plains Shire; approximately 60 km north-west of Geelong. The site is located on land that is primarily used for agricultural purposes and has been substantially modified over time due to agricultural operations such as broad acre cropping and livestock grazing.

In 2006, WestWind began monitoring the wind resource in the Shire of Golden Plains, specifically around the Barunah Park and Rokewood area. In 2016, WestWind completed further feasibility investigations into the proposed development site and made the commercial decision to pursue a planning permit for an 800-1000 MW project.

The Project has been through an extensive planning process including the state’s highest level of environmental scrutiny, an EES (Environment Effects Statement). The Project has obtained state planning approval and has received its planning permit from the Victorian Minister for Planning.

The approved development has a current design layout of 215 turbines, each with a capacity of 6 MW. The project will generate over 4,000 GWh per annum of electricity – enough to power more than 765,000 homes – and prevent more than 4.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from being emitted to the atmosphere each year.

On Tuesday, 16 November 2021, the Victorian Minister for Planning approved an amendment application for the Project. Click here for more information on the Permit Amendment.

In November 2022, TagEnergy purchased Stage 1 of the project known as Golden Plains Wind
Farm – East. Golden Plains Wind Farm – East commenced construction in January 2023. In February 2023, Ingka Group purchased 15% of Golden Plains Wind Farm – East from TagEnergy (remaining 85% still owned by TagEnergy). The Eastern stage of Golden Plains Wind Farm is estimated to take 3 years to complete construction and will operate for approximately 30 years.

Project Summary – Current Approval


Golden Plains Shire, Rokewood, Victoria


Up to 228 approved
Endorsed layout 215

Total tip height

Up to 230 m

Wind turbine rotor

Up to 165 m diameter

Installed capacity

1,330 MW

Energy production

>4,000 GWh annually

Homes powered

>765,000 homes

Greenhouse savings

>4.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually

Site area

16,739 ha

Shire rates

>$1.5 million a year

Development cost

>$3 billion

Host landholders