The Community Energy Program is an innovative way we’re sharing the benefits of our renewable energy project with the community.

It will help locals save money on their bills and also help reduce the area’s carbon footprint through clean energy use. 

Register your interest in our Community Energy Program

The Community Energy Program includes a scheme to offset electricity costs for registered and habitable dwellings located within 3 km of a constructed turbine tower, to an amount equal to the annual usage of an average Victorian home.

After expressions of interest are received, an optional free Energy Audit may be undertaken at the property to help homeowners understand how they can minimise their electricity usage and carbon footprint.

‘The Community Energy Program is a great initiative. The sign up was hassle free, the customer service and energy rates are great, and receiving monthly credit really helps your living expenses. We’re lucky to have this opportunity.’ – Josh Young, Rokewood

As part of the Community Energy Program initiative, Carolyn signed up with Energy Locals to add $133 credit to her energy account monthly:

‘Even with a couple of fridges for drinks and dog food, I don’t have to worry about paying an energy bill… which means I can put my dollars to better use!” – Carolyn Rankin, Rokewood

We’re excited to announce that the Golden Plains Wind Farm Community Energy Program is now open.​

We’re partnering with Energy Locals and Geelong Sustainability to ensure the best benefits possible can be provided to eligible residents.

Read more about Energy Locals’ commitment to making energy cheap, clean, and fair here.

Read more about how Geelong Sustainability is supporting the community’s transition to a zero emission climate ready future here.

Are you eligible?

Step 1:

Review the eligibility questions for the Community Energy Program:

  • Do you live within 3 km of a turbine?
  • Can you confirm that you currently do not have a commercial agreement for reduced amenities with Golden Plains Wind Farm?

Step 2:

Check your address by completing the Address Eligibility Search.

Step 3:

Complete an online Expression of Interest form below.

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