Complaints and Feedback

Golden Plains Wind Farm invites and welcomes your feedback. We are committed to ensuring that any complaints we receive are handled in a way that is responsive, fair and courteous and that respects the privacy of the person making the complaint. 

Golden Plains Wind Farm - Victoria, Australia.

All complaints received from the community, project neighbours and stakeholders about the construction and operation of the Golden Plains Wind Farm will be treated in a respectful and courteous manner and be taken seriously.

Our Complaints Investigation and Response Plan details our protocols for addressing complaints and our committment to an accessible, open, and transparent complaint handling process. Any complaint can be directed to Golden Plains Wind Farm through the following details:

Phone: 1300 871 355
Mail: Golden Plains Wind Farm
Attn: Engagement Manager
Level 2, Tenancy 2, 15-17 Goode Street, Gisborne VIC 3437

Golden Plains Wind Farm Complaints & Investigation Response Plan

Golden Plains Wind Farm have developed a complaints investigation and response plan that will be used to process stakeholder complaints associated with the project. The specific objectives of the Complaints Investigation and Response Plan (the plan) is to provide stakeholders with a transparent, consistent, and predictable means to lodge complaints.

This plan was submitted to the Minister for Planning for review and endorsement in accordance with Conditions 94, 95, 96, 97, 98 and 99 of the Planning Permit. On Thursday 18 August 2022, the Condition 97 Complaints Investigation and Response Plan received endorsement under the Planning Permit for the Golden Plains Wind Farm. Now endorsed, this Plan forms part of the Planning Permit, will be implemented to the satisfaction of the Minister for Planning, and will not be altered or modified without the consent of the Minister for Planning.

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