Golden Plains Wind Farm is committed to sharing the project benefits with the local community. 

The Golden Plains Wind Farm team works closely with landholders, immediate neighbours and the community to engage and identify opportunities to improve and share the benefits of the Project. 

Community grants: Hesse Rural Health
Community grants: Rokewood Golf Club
Community grants: Jo Sibbison
Community matters: Mark Bruty
Growing together: Andrew Whitlock
Growing together: Ewen Peel

A new bike shed for Rokewood Primary School

“The new bike shed will protect students’ bikes from the weather and provide secure storage if the bikes are left overnight.”   
Ben Cook 
Principal – Rokewood Primary School 

Education in nature at Rokewood Playgroup 

“Our new mud kitchen and incursions run by Wild Arts Forest School are a big hit with the children. Thank you Golden Plains Wind Farm!”  
Emma Elligate 
Rokewood Playgroup 

Life-saving equipment for Barunah

“Our new defibrillator will make a big difference in a life-or-death situation for our remote community.”  
Steven Peel 
President – Barunah Park Recreation Reserve 

Applications for Community Grants

The Golden Plains Wind Farm Community Grants Program has been established to provide financial sponsorship support for a range of community-based initiatives, projects and events that benefit local communities. The program is open to a range of community purposes and needs including health and social welfare, safety, environmental, educational, youth projects, sport and recreation, culture, the arts and economic development.

Applications for the Community Grants Program are now open!

Supporting our community

The Community Grants Program supports a range of community-based initiatives, projects and events that benefit locals and provide positive and lasting contributions to regional communities within and around the Golden Plains Wind Farm. Presently, the program provides two rounds of $10,000 annually for not-for-profit community groups and organisations. Once the wind farm is operational, the program will increase to an annual amount equal to $1,000 per constructed turbine (up to $215,000 per year).

The Community Reference Group enhances communication between Golden Plains Wind Farm and the community; enhances our understanding of community issues; encourages community partnerships; and, ensures the local community benefits as a result of the Golden Plains Wind Farm. The group also assess community funding applications.

Our Community Energy Program shares the benefits of the project across a larger section of the community, while reducing the local communities carbon footprint.  The Community Energy Program includes a scheme to offset electricity costs for all non-host, habitable and registered dwellings located within 3 km of a constructed turbine tower, to an amount equal to the average Victorian home, and also includes a free energy audit for each of these dwellings to help homeowners understand how they can minimise their electricity usage and reduce their carbon footprint.

All neighbours that own a property with their primary residence on that property and where that primary residence is located outside the Rokewood township, and within 2 km of a constructed wind turbine will be provided with an annual financial incentive based on level of impact.

Landscaping Program 

Residents at dwellings with a view to wind turbines, within 5 km of a Golden Plains Wind Farm wind turbine will be invited to participate in a landscaping program. This will provide for landscaping to reduce the visual impact of the turbines. Residents will be provided with further detail closer to construction and can choose whether they opt into the program, via an expression of interest form. After expressions of interest are received, a landscape and visual assessment will be undertaken at each property, to determine eligibility and appropriate measure/s.

Host Landholder Benefits

The wind farm will provide significant annual income across 39 host landowners for the life of the wind farm. This economic boost to farmers enables them to secure supplementary income annually, for decades, through lease arrangements with the wind farm. This income provides a stable addition to farming income and helps to counteract swings in commodity prices and ‘drought-proof’ farms.

There are no financial costs for farmers to be able to receive supplementary income, as the developer takes on the development costs and once the wind farm is constructed, farmers benefit from the partnership and on-going income throughout the life of the wind farm. This sustains the farming practice and provides protection to the farming land for years to come. It also allows farmers to farm more sustainably by removing the pressure to maximise income from the land.

Some properties with high quality native vegetation and protected flora and fauna can secure additional income through environmental offsets that remain protected in perpetuity. The roads constructed by the developer give landholders all weather access across their property which improves management practices and emergency access.

The wind farm provides increased generation assets geographically closer to Victoria’s load centre (Melbourne and Geelong) which will reduce transmission losses and assist in grid stability.

Regional Jobs

700 Construction

72 Ongoing

Annual Community Benefit Fund


Annual Council Rates

$1.2 million

Annual Electricity Offset

Approximately 140 Dwellings

Approximately $250,000


Community Co-Investment with Sound Rates

One Off Energy Audit

Approximately 140 Participants

Approximately $50,000

Annual Neighbour Payments

43 Neighbours


Infographic showing contribution the Golden Plains Wind Farm has made to the Rokewood community.