Register your interest in our Neighbour Financial Incentive Program

Residents at dwellings located outside of the Rokewood township whose residence is located within 2 km of a constructed Golden Plains Wind Farm wind turbine will be invited to participate in this program. This will provide eligible participants with an annual financial incentive based on level of impact.

Are you eligible?

Step 1:

Review the eligibility questions for the Community Energy Program:

  • Do you own your residential dwelling within 2 km of a constructed turbine that is not located within Rokewood township?
  • Was the dwelling constructed prior to 2018, when the planning permission was granted?
  • Can you confirm that you currently do not have a commercial agreement for
    reduced amenities with Golden Plains Wind Farm?

Step 2:

Check your address by completing the Address Eligibility Search.

Step 3:

Complete an online Expression of Interest form below.

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