Wind Turbine Component Transportation

From early October 2023, wind turbine and tower components are being trucked from GeelongPort to the project site near Rokewood. Different routes through Geelong will be used depending on which component is being transported.

    Due to their size and speed, the trucks have potential to impact traffic. To minimise this, they will leave GeelongPort very early in the morning to avoid peak traffic.

    Trucks will be escorted by safety vehicles and we do not expect any road closures will be required.

    If you have any questions about the transportation activity, please contact Community Engagement Manager, Mark Bruty at or 0491 617 649.

    What is being transported?

    Wind turbines are made up of several components which are transported separately because of their size. These include:

    • Blades: turbines typically have 3 blades
    • Hubs: connect the blades to the main tower
    • Nacelles: these are the large ‘box’ at the hub of the wind turbine and contain the generator and powertrain
    • Powertrains: these are the gearbox and generator that sit within the nacelle
    • Tower sections: towers are broken down into sections for transportation and then constructed on site. The project has 6 tower sections per turbine

    Once all the components for a turbine arrive at site, each new turbine will be constructed.

    This means we will see Golden Plains Wind Farm – East taking shape over the coming months.

    Ultimately, 122 wind turbines will be located at the site.