Planning Permit Documents 

Application to Amend Planning Permit

Appendix D Records of Consultation

Appendix D.1 Corangamite Catchment Management Authority

Appendix D.2 DELWP Environment Portfolio

Appendix D.3 Department of Transport (formerly VicRoads)

Appendix D.4 Golden Plains Shire Council

Appendix D.5 AusNet Transmission Group Please refer to PDF ‘38596 GPWF Approval 4’

Appendix H GIS Data

These are large files that require special software. These files are available upon request.

Appendix B Plans for Endorsement

Appendix B.1 Development Plans

Appendix B.2 Infrastructure Drawings
Appendix B.2.1 Batching Plants

Appendix B.2.2 Collector Stations

Appendix B.2.3 Laydown Areas

Appendix B.2.4 Operations and Maintenance Facilities

Appendix B.2.5 Site Compounds

Appendix B.2.6 Terminal Station

Appendix B.2.7 Transmission Lines

Appendix B.3 WTG Specification Plan

Appendix B.4 Turbine Free Buffer Plan

Appendix B.5 Business Identification Signage
Appendix B.5.1 Business Identification Signage Plan Locations

Appendix B.5.2 Business Identification Signage Example

Appendix B.6 Native Vegetation Removal Plans 


Appendix C Expert Technical Impact Assesments

Appendix C.1 Aviation Impact Assessment

Appendix C.2 Biodiversity Assessment

The maps are too large to upload. Available upon request. 

Appendix C.3 Electromagnetic Interference Impact Assessment

Appendix C.3.1 EMI Consultation
Appendix C.3.1.1 Central Highlands Water EMI Consultation

Appendix C.3.1.2 Powercor Australia EMI Consultation

Appendix C.4 Ground Water Impact Assessment

Appendix C.5 Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment

Appendix C.6 Noise & Vibration Impact Assessment

Appendix C.6.1 Environmental Audit of Noise & Vibration Impact Assessment

Appendix C.7 Shadow Flicker Impact Assessment

Appendix C.8 Surface Water Impact Assessment

Appendix C.9 Traffic Impact Assessment

Appendix F Landholder Consents

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