Register your interest in our Off-Site Landscaping Program

Residents at dwellings with a view to wind turbines, within 5 kilometres of a Golden Plains Wind Farm wind turbine will be invited to participate in a landscaping program. This will provide for landscaping to reduce the visual impact of the turbines. After expressions of interest are received, a landscape and visual assessment will be undertaken at each property, to determine eligibility and appropriate measure/s…

Click on the map image to view a full sized version and identify if you fall within 5 kilometres of a turbine. Then fill in our form to submit your details – we’ll be in touch!

Please note that the following eligibility questions apply to our Off-Site Landscaping Program:

– Do you own your residental dwelling?

– Do you live within 5 kilometres of a turbine?

– Are the turbines visible from your dwelling?

– Can you confirm that you currently do not have a commercial agreement for reduced amenities with Golden Plains Wind Farm?

– Was the dwelling constructed prior to December 2018, when planning permission was granted to Golden Plains Wind Farm?