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Noise Management Plan

As part of our commitment to our local community and the requirements of our Planning Permit, we have engaged Resonate Consultants to prepare a comprehensive Noise Management Plan, which we present here for your feedback.

The Noise Management Plan identifies the relevant planning and contractual requirements related to noise, and details details test requirements and reporting procedures for Near-Field Compliance Testing Reports, Post-Construction Noise Assessment Reports, Noise Investigation Reports and Noise Remediation Plans.

Permit Amendment Application

An amendment application has been lodged in 2021 for the following:

  • To seek approval on a modified site plan for turbines and all associated infrastructure that complies with the Brolga Breeding Buffer permit condition.
  • To slightly amend the Brolga Monitoring and Compensation Plan condition, so that it will be more straight forward for GPWFM to facilitate successful delivery during the plan’s implementation.
  • To improve clarity on a permit condition relating to surface water levels during flood events.
  • To seek an approval for the increase in the size of the turbine rotor diameter from 150m to 165m to allow more current turbine technology to be installed. The tip height will not change from 230 metres as currently permitted.